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Coreco Secret Santa 2023

Coreco Christmas Secret Santa 2023

How we did Secret Santa differently this year….

Every year as a company, we do a team Secret Santa where we exchange gifts between employees at our end-of-year Company Meeting before our Christmas Party. However, this year we decided to do things a little differently.

We love Secret Santa, and it’s a fun event that brings everyone together at Christmas time as well as testing each other’s knowledge on how well we all know each other. But this year, it came to our attention that Action for Children charity was doing a Secret Santa for Children this year who usually receive nothing at Christmas time.

Our budget for Secret Santa is usually £10 each and we thought, if everyone were to be a Secret Santa for a child in need rather than each other, we could change Christmases for a lot of children… so we did it!

The Action for Children Secret Santa page allows you to select your own Secret Santa gifts for children so you decide what they get. They have a range of different gifts from Teddy Bears, Larger Christmas gifts, trips to see Santa, new bedding, and food.

In total, as a team, we managed to provide 5 trips to see Santa, 5 teddy bears, 2 Christmas Presents, warm winter clothes & bedding, and 5 lots of books and toys!

We hope that we have made Christmas a little different to whoever receives them 🙂

If you would like to be a Secret Santa for a child in need, please follow the link below to become a Secret Santa and choose a gift: