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Working at Coreco – Max Whitaker

We asked one of our advisers Max what it’s like working at Coreco. Here is what he said….

1. How did you start out at Coreco?

I started out as a fresh faced 20 year old, as a trainee broker. I was previously doing admin at a firm outside of the city. Coreco trained me up through the academy programme which developed all manner of communication and organisation skills.

2. What does a day at Coreco look like?

8:30 Read & Check emails. My diary will usually have a handful of phone calls and zoom meetings throughout the day. In between those meetings, I’ll check in with clients, follow up solicitors & estate agents and carry out mortgage applications.

3. What do you enjoy about working at Coreco?

I enjoy the culture of Coreco. The management are truly conscientious when carrying out business. The ethos seems to authentically point towards the best outcome for the client, rather than what makes the most money for the business.

4. Where do you see yourself this time next year?

A more efficient, level headed broker. I’ll aim to service more repeat clients, which will help with providing a better overall service to both new & old clients, due to having more control over my time. Oh, and I’m eyeing up a new drum kit.

5. What’s your top tip for someone who wants to be a Coreco team member?

Be likeable through competence and friendliness, leave your ego at the door. Take that principle and apply it to your relationships with colleagues and clients.