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Top Predicted Interior Design Trends for 2023


Since the pandemic started in 2020, We have seen plenty of interior trends circulating across the UK. We had a grey phase which lasted a while, where soft greys, whites, and silvers were trending, and a lot of new build properties adopted this look into their core design. It makes me wonder if we were all expressing how we felt in lockdown….

We then saw in 2021 -2022 a lot of beiges, neutrals and a more boho-style feel to décor, with indoor rattan furniture sales rising like never before.

For 2023 however, we asked interior designer Lucy Hyner, Director of Lucy Hyner Interiors what she is currently seeing more of this year. She said “I think this year we might be seeing people keeping the bulk of the neutral theme but adding muted colours in the mix. People are now experimenting with adding colour into their homes and already I am seeing greens and blues being a popular choice”.

“As well as adding colour, we’re seeing a lot of people using outdoor materials for a ‘bringing the outdoors in’ look” Many people will opt for a natural base tone of the home, and add staple pieces of colour, meaning that if they keep the majority neutral, it can always be changed and updated with different looks and feels”

What is interesting is how choosing the design and colour schemes of your home can affect your mood. Supposedly, choosing red and yellow are thought to bring feelings of excitement and happiness, whereas blues and green are supposed to be calmer and more relaxing. Considering the past few years that the UK has had, I can definitely see why blues and greens may be a popular choice!

You can contact Lucy and see her work on Instagram @lucyhynerinteriors  


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Savannah Dewhirst

Written by Savannah Dewhirst

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