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Battle Of The Chancellors


As with many things in life, it is good to get a range of views on, well just about everything really, so to this end I am welcoming some guest bloggers to this spot every month so if you want to apply just drop me a line. To kick us off I’ll hand over to our MD Matt Lowndes…

“So last night, along with what seemed every other person I know, I decided to sit down at 8 o’clock and watch the Ask The Chancellors debate on Channel 4. I was even twittering and following the debate online – yes my wife does think I’m mad.

Now having watched one or two of the US Presidential debates I wasn’t expecting much to be honest and the only thing I was really hoping for was which one of the three would make a complete and utter cock-up of it. Sadly none of them did. The current incumbent (Alistair) was his usual monotone self trotting out party political stats that we heard during last week’s budget, nothing really inspiring but safe. You would also think that Labour were the opposition judging by the amnesia that seems embedded into every argument – I could have sworn they have been able to make decisions for the past 13 years.

The lovely George, who let’s be honest is the lightweight of the three and it fills me with horror that in 8 weeks time our economic destiny could be in his hands, to be fair nonetheless did a pretty good job. His NI proposal’s in the morning gave the other two something to shoot at, but he defended his position admirably and to be honest if we can reduce our tax burden on small businesses via no raise in Employer’s NI then that has to be a good thing. The only outstanding question is can you reduce tax and cut a deficit?

And so to Vince. Is it just me or does this man always seem to talk sense? I truly believe what he says and I’m as cynical as they come. He produced the best line of the debate referring to ‘Pinstripe Scargills’, a dig at both Labour and Tory ideology and seemed to be the only one engaging the audience by giving open honest answers. We are in the doo doo and he gets it!

So is it easier to say what you think when you have no chance of implementing your policies and strategy or is Vince Cable just an all round better person to do the job? You have to take tough decisions in life and you are going to upset people, the private sector has been hammered and now it’s time for the public sector to do their bit too – we need to spend what we bring in, not just borrow more.

So could a hung parliament really be the best thing for the country? I think it is if we could have Vince looking after the pennies.”

Matt Lowndes

Managing Director, Coreco

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