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General Election Result & The Property Market


It has been an extraordinary few hours as the scale of the Conservative win has become apparent. Whatever your politics, this decisive General Election result could deliver a massive adrenaline shot into the UK property market.

Expect a sharp uplift in transaction levels starting early in 2020, as buyers and sellers who have played it safe put their plans into motion. Spring for the property market could come early after this comprehensive election victory as there is a huge amount of pent-up demand out there that looks set to be unleashed on the market next year.

Although a lot of the hard work around Brexit has yet to be done, there is now a political stability that will give a lot of people the confidence to get on with their lives.

The fact that borrowing costs are ultra-low gives people even more reason to buy and sell.

Not so long ago, Brexit looked like bad news for bricks and mortar, but people will now be relieved it can finally be put to bed. With so much red turning blue, the property market could be at the beginning of a long Brexit bull run.


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