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The Last Post?


Sad days all round as I, like the rest of Cobalt’s brilliant staff, have just been made redundant. As they say however, the king is dead, long live the king and you can still follow my blog at – they can’t take that away from me.

You may ask what we are all planning to do now, and well, like everyone else I will be reviewing my options. However I have a pretty clear idea of what I would want going forward.

To be master of our own destiny is important, a place where people are treated as adults and are allowed space to create the work/life balance that suits them. The days of heavy handed 1980’s style management, bullying and in-fighting are long gone. Those that worked to destroy Cobalt, whether they realised it or were too blinded by ego, will look back and understand one day.

The truth will always come out of its own accord.

In the new world, trust is the key driver, along with real camaraderie, loyalty, honesty and integrity. A working environment based on equality, good old-fashioned hard work and fun. A client-centric approach that offers the very best advice and service.

I feel honoured to have worked closely with some real professionals in the mortgage industry, and my thoughts go out to all of those who are struggling to make an honest living against a strong undercurrent of bad news trying to drag people down.

To Simon Tyler, you are a real gentleman and one of the original good guys. It is sad that honest businesses have fallen by the wayside which can only be of detriment to the general public in their quest for independent advice. The good people will bounce back, and it is up to all of us to support each other in this time.

To Julian Ingall, yes of course I am biased but I have seen how hard he has worked to try to do the best for all the staff and I thank you for your honest endeavours. There are no hard feelings there and your personal backing will always be precious.

To Richard Taylor, I know this would have saddened you, but your spirit of entrepreneurship is alive – we all have bigger balls because of you.

To Matt, Franky, Roy, Xav, Rob Gill, Hendo, Mark, Guy, Jason, Gillian, Tim, Wes, Sarah, Tim, Sonny, Phil, David, Ria, Natalie, Steve, Scott, Masood, Eadsey, Nick, Raff, Chris Taylor, Tanya, Giles and Dean. A special mention to the wonderful Jody. (If I have missed someone out I apologise!) You are all great individuals and I wish you every success in whatever you do – hopefully some of us will work together again in the near future.

Now as they say, onwards and upwards. The definition of inertia is that an object stays at rest until an external force acts upon it, then it stays in motion, without friction until another force acts upon it. We have just had that initial force.

The Core of Cobalt, the spirit, will survive. The last Post? I think not

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