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Why Do We Work?


Of the various items, news flows and blogs I follow there is one that I find particularly interesting by the marketing visionary Seth Godin. As Coreco are looking to recruit more top quality advisors at the moment I thought that I would share his latest little post with you all.

Excerpt taken from Seth Godins Blog:-

“Reasons to work

  1. For the money
  2. To be challenged
  3. For the pleasure/calling of doing the work
  4. For the impact it makes on the world
  5. For the reputation you build in the community
  6. To solve interesting problems
  7. To be part of a group and to experience the mission
  8. To be appreciated

Why do we always focus on the first? Why do we advertise jobs or promotions as being generic on items 2 through 8 and differentiated only by #1?

In fact, unless you’re a drug kingpin or a Wall Street trader, my guess is that the other factors are at work every time you think about your work.”

Food for thought anyway.

To follow the master Seth Godin yourself or read any of his excellent books follow this link here