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Take advantage of the currency markets

We are specialists in providing mortgages in all sorts of currencies if pounds aren’t right for you

What can I borrow?

Lenders will look at what you earn from a wide range of sources as well as your world-wide assets. You will need to earn or have a high level of knowledge of the currency you wish to borrow in.

Which foreign currency mortgage?

This is where we come in. Our experts will advise you which lender, whether High Street, Private Bank or Specialist Offshore lender, and which foreign currency mortgage is right for you.

How we help

We don’t just pick a mortgage product, we provide expert advice and exceptional service throughout the whole process. And we’ll always be there should you ever need us for any other (foreign currency or not!) mortgage or any other property related matter.

Important information

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any debt secured upon it.
A fee of up to 1% of the mortgage amount may be charged depending on individual circumstances.
A typical fee is £495.

So, how do foreign currency mortgages work?

There are two main types of foreign currency mortgage. By far the most common is a UK mortgage on an overseas property. However, it is also possible to take out a foreign currency mortgage on a UK property.

So, instead of lending you money in sterling, a UK bank may advance you the mortgage in another currency, for example, Euros, Japanese Yen or US Dollars.

The way it works is that while the mortgage itself is converted into pounds, allowing you to buy your property in the UK, the actual value of the debt (two different things, if you like) remains in the denominated foreign currency and interest is charged on it in that currency.

The mortgage itself is then paid off by making monthly payments, as usual, in pounds sterling, which are converted into the chosen currency on the foreign exchange.

The main advantage of foreign currency mortgages is that they may enable the borrower to benefit from a lower interest rate than is available in the UK. Over the term of a mortgage, this can save tens of thousands of pounds, especially if, as is the case with some foreign currency mortgages, the mortgage debt is actively switched between currencies to take advantage of the lowest interest rates.

This “active management” can be handled personally or, if you do not have the time to track the exchange rate changes yourself, through a highly experienced Currency Manager.

Some lenders will only lend foreign currency mortgages to those who are paid in that particular currency, for example if you work for a US Law Firm and earn your income in dollars, or a European company and you are paid in Euros.

Otherwise the lender will expect you to do a job or have a level of expertise in the currency markets.

As a rule of thumb, foreign currency mortgages are favoured by higher net worth clients or more sophisticated borrowers who understand the mechanism and inherent risks of the currency markets.

After all, while the value of Sterling can go up against the currency your mortgage is being paid in, so it can go down, which can mean you pay considerably more each month on your monthly payments and in some cases end up owing more on your property than when you started!

Foreign currency mortgages require a professional adviser who has experience in understanding the needs of clients like you. Knowledge of how foreign currency lending works, the type of documentation lenders are likely to ask for as well as having the tenacity to negotiate the very best rates on your behalf are key.

Many of our brokers in foreign currency mortgages have been doing this since 1993 and have established relationships with Currency Managers and banks over the years which mean we can cut through the noise and obtain quick decisions which can be relied upon. This is essential in the high demand UK property market and especially in London.

Our advisors will guide you through the intricacies of the foreign currency mortgage market, being with you to help negotiate both the property price and your financial terms, as well as recommending trusted partners such as Property Finders, Surveyors and Solicitors.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our team will be on hand to smooth the whole process through to exchange, completion and beyond.


How much can I borrow?

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Ashish Misra

"Got in touch with first Craig Smith and later on with Hannah Lee. Both are amazing..."

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Ashish Misra
Got in touch with first Craig Smith and later on with Hannah Lee. Both are amazing with their availability, communication and response. I wish I could talk about another mortgage with them ;-). Will recommend them to anyone I know is in need of a mortgage.

Matilda Waters

"I was a first-time buyer and Alex Dowding was so helpful and supportive throughout the whole..."

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Matilda Waters
I was a first-time buyer and Alex Dowding was so helpful and supportive throughout the whole process, offering advice and providing guidance on the various processes. Really appreciated the speed at which Alex found and secured the mortgage, so I was able to act very quickly in securing the property. Alex was also super easy to get hold of throughout, and no question was too small. Thanks!

Oya Gurpinar

"Colette Thorn and Robert Lawson were fabulous and made the process easy to understand . I..."

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Oya Gurpinar
Colette Thorn and Robert Lawson were fabulous and made the process easy to understand . I would highly recommend Coreco, they went above and beyond for me, when they did not have to and chased on my behalf things that were out of their control with incompetent people not completing basic tasks.

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