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Jessica Bellingham

Jessica Bellingham

As Coreco’s Marketing Manager, it is Jess’s job to ensure that Coreco’s values and amazing brand are visible, consistent, and easy to find for anyone looking to buy a home. From the Coreco website and social platforms to all digital communication, Jess works to spread the word of Coreco and ensure that all customers, from the moment they search for Coreco in Google to when they purchase a home, have a great experience.

Jess did not know that marketing would be her career of choice, having discovered a passion for Communication Studies while at college. She pursued this passion by continuing to do a degree and master’s degree in the same field but like everything she does, it was done with a little twist. Her BA thesis and Master’s thesis, which was published by the Research Unit for intercultural and Transcultural studies, were about Vampires…

Her first internship after graduating was as a marketing executive and this was when Jess knew that all of that communication knowledge and love for creative work could be put to good use.

Over the course of her career, she has worked with SME’s of all sizes that had grown to a size that required them to think more about their marketing strategy and their use of technology. As this trend continued, Jess decided to complete her CIM diploma in Digital marketing, studying consumer behaviour, digital planning, and digital strategy (being an academic at heart).

After this and her first experience helping to transform a business that was still working with spreadsheets using the power of a strong, values lead strategy and technology, Jess knew where she wanted her career path to go.

Before Coreco, Jess’s most recent experience was working for a company that went 100% paperless and completely digital. She has felt the power!

The values of the businesses Jess works with are also incredibly important to her, so she is happy to have found Coreco!

Jess loves to pursue personal development in her own time and is a qualified NLP practitioner. She is also an adrenaline junky and has bungee jumped, skydived, zorbed, water caved, zip lined, been pinged off a cliff, and anything else you can think of (that isn’t to do with sharks…)! A day at a theme park is a day well spent in her book. She also loves to be outdoors, hiking and pretending to be Tomb Raider, which she fully embraced in an around the world backpacking trip after she finished uni. Her other loves are cats, reading as many books as she can, writing, films (mainly 80’s and 90’s sci-fi and action films), and gaming. Ok, ok. She is just a big nerd!