Ria Findlay

Loved and feared in equal measure, there really is no one quite like Ria. Undoubtedly one of Coreco’s jewel’s, she manages our Client Services Team with an easy charm and ruthless efficiency, ensuring that all our clients get the very best of the Coreco experience.

After leaving college with A Levels in 2001 she joined John Charcol as an administrator, staying there for 4 years where she first worked with Coreco Director Roy Hardy.

When Roy left to join Cobalt Capital she followed, staying there for 4 years and becoming a highly skilled administrator for Cobalt’s top business writers.

When Coreco began in 2009 Ria was a key member of the team from the very start, taking up a new challenge and creating the Customer Services Team from scratch. This has grown to become the very heart of everything we do at Coreco, with Ria now managing a team of 3 and looking to expand further.

It is Ria’s job to make our advisers lives miserable, one that she relishes with pride, ensuring that the very highest service standards to both clients and introducers are adhered to at all times.

Ria also enjoys cooking and watching live music, as well as spending valuable time with her sons, Charlie and Beau.