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Sangeeta Daswani

Sangeeta Daswani

Sangeeta has 12 years’ experience in the mortgage industry which includes working on the other side of the fence as a Mortgage Underwriter for the Bank of Ireland and The Mortgage Times.

This experience has provided her with knowledge of all aspects of the Mortgage Market, including a broad understanding of the internal processes of lenders and their underwriting criteria; this has enabled her to better assist clients in her capacity as a mortgage adviser.

She has been actively involved in various mortgage projects, for example in ensuring that existing underwriting systems were compliant with new Mortgage Regulations.

Born in Malawi (South East Africa), Sangeeta has lived and worked in 5 countries, including Sierra Leone, India, Ghana & Singapore. She speaks Gujarati, Hindi and Sindhi.

When she is not helping people buy their dream home, she enjoys playing the piano and practising Reiki and meditation.