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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Stress & Mental Health

The Mortgage Show Podcast is back with another must-listen 28 minutes.

I am really pleased to be able to bring you this episode today on a subject that I have always thought we do not talk about enough; stress and mental health. It’s something that many of us have struggled with privately for some time and it only just feels like attitudes towards it are starting to change.

We work in a pressurised industry where everyone gets emotional especially when it comes to the purchase of their dream home.

To help us navigate these waters, The Mortgage Show Podcast is delighted to welcome two women who have campaigned for better understanding of this subject; freelance journalist extraordinaire who writes about Personal Finance & Mental Health issues Leah Milner (@leahmilner ) and Brightstar, Director of People Development, Claire Jupp (@BrightstarCPD )

Together we take a frank, open and refreshingly honest look at the issues in our sector, how companies can be more aware of potential issues and help to stop their people becoming over-stressed as well as exploring the link between finance and mental health issues.

Is the phrase “man-up” something that needs to be dispensed with, how do we change company culture and when does “banter” become something more sinister? Do we all just need to talk more and when is it ok to admit you may need or have had help?

If you do have any more questions about any of the issues raise you can contact @MindCharity , or the Samaritans

Remember, it is always good to talk and it is OK to not be OK…

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