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Emma had just started her new job – could she still get a mortgage?


Emma had just started a new job, starting the same day her offer was accepted on her first home.

Importantly, she was yet to receive her first payslip so had no proof of her new income. Usually, a lender requires at least 3 months payslips so it was important that I could find a lender that would look at her proof of income in a different way.

Emma was very good at saving, and had surplus income every month and hated the idea of debt and paying interest. So it was important that the mortgage was as flexible as possible. Most mortgages allow a 10% overpayment allowance, but this would not have been enough to satisfy Emma’s goal to own her home outright and quickly.

“The mortgage had to be flexible”

I found a lender allow day one employment as they can work solely from the employment contract. They also have a product that has unlimited overpayments on a tracker basis meaning I could tick both boxes for Emma.

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Adviser: Louise Kelleher

Purchase price: £410000

Loan: £328000

Arrangement Fee: £999

Rate: 1.44

Term: 15 years