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Welcome to the UK property market

We have helped foreign nationals from all over the world seeking to purchase property in the UK.

What can I borrow?

Lenders will look at what you earn from a wide range of sources as well as your world-wide assets. Your outgoings will be assessed with some lenders able to lend up to 5.5 times your income

Which mortage?

This is where we come in. Our experts will advise you which lender, whether Private Bank or Specialist Offshore lender, and which mortgage, whether in Sterling, foreign currency or asset-backed, is right for you.

How we help

We don’t just pick a mortgage product, we provide expert advice and exceptional service throughout the whole process. And we’ll always be there should you ever need us for any other financial matter.

Important information

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any debt secured upon it.
A fee of up to 1% of the mortgage amount may be charged depending on individual circumstances.
A typical fee is £495.

So, how does it all work?

Offshore mortgages can be very tax-effective for a certain category of borrower seeking to purchase property in the UK. We have many clients who are either foreign nationals, domiciled abroad or simply receive a large share of their income from overseas, and it is often the case that these clients find an offshore mortgage to be the most effective means of taking out a loan.

Due to recent tax changes in the law and the complexities of an offshore mortgage, you should always seek personal tax advice. Generally speaking, people who can apply for an offshore mortgage include UK resident non-domiciled individuals and non-UK residents. We would be glad to refer you to some of the most reliable tax experts available, should you require it.

Essentially, whichever way you wish to structure your mortgage – offshore, through a limited company or offshore trust, in sterling, or in another currency – we can assist.

We have developed close contacts with several of the main private banks with offices based outside of the UK. They take a ‘blank sheet of paper’ approach to underwriting, treating each client as unique and thereby designing a product specific to your individual needs. This often results in products that are significantly better than those available on the wider market.

They are able to lend in Sterling as well as all the major currencies if you prefer to borrow in a foreign currency.

Through ‘back-to-back’ loans, it is possible to effectively borrow 100% of the mortgage amount, so that money does not have to be brought into the UK. This can be achieved by depositing cash, shares or other assets with offshore banks.

Company loans can be arranged through various international jurisdictions, whether it’s through the Channel Islands, BVI or any other location that is required. Complex trust structures can also be catered for.

This area of finance requires a professional adviser who has experience in understanding the needs of clients like you. Knowledge of how the offshore lending community works, the type of documentation they are likely to ask for as well as having the tenacity to negotiate the very best rates on your behalf are key.

Many of our brokers in this area have been doing this since 1993 and have established relationships over the years which mean we can cut through the noise and obtain quick decisions which can be relied upon. This is essential in the high demand UK property market.

We will guide you through the intricacies of the market, being with you to help negotiate both the property price and your financial terms, as well as recommending trusted partners such as Property Finders, Surveyors and Solicitors.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our team will be on hand to smooth the whole process through to exchange, completion and beyond.


How much can I borrow?

Annual Salary (£)

Bonus (£)

132 reviews

Robert Glass
"Jenny and Jan were great throughout the house buying process being a first time buyer they..."

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Robert Glass
Jenny and Jan were great throughout the house buying process being a first time buyer they made everything straightforward. I had spoke to Jan multiple times before eventually buying somewhere and he was always happy to help with advice and guidance. They were both always on hand to help and made the whole thing seamless. I will definitely remortgage using Coreco and have already recommended a few of my friends and family.
Pete Freeman
"Both Jan and Jenny were a massive help throughout buying our house. It wasn’t a simple..."

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Pete Freeman
Both Jan and Jenny were a massive help throughout buying our house. It wasn’t a simple purchase and at times I thought it may not go through, but they were always confident and delivered on what they promised. We are so happy in our new home and can’t thank them enough!
Cassie Kelly
"Jan and Jenny were amazing! I found the house buying process very stressful as we faced..."

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Cassie Kelly
Jan and Jenny were amazing! I found the house buying process very stressful as we faced a few issues that cropped up during the whole process. They were both a calming and knowledgeable presence throughout and always available when I was having minor panics! Very reassuring and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again

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