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Our professional remortgage advisors make it easy for you to switch your rate to save money, keep your mortgage tailored to your needs or even borrow more to improve your home.

Why remortgage?

You may be able to save money by switching to another mortgage product, reduce your mortgage term or borrow a bit more for that new kitchen.

When should I start?

We recommend you give our expert remortgage advisors a call at least 4 months before your existing rate expires. That gives us time to do our work so you don’t ever pay more than you have to.

How can we help?

Our advisors will make sure your mortgage continues to match your needs, comparing your existing lenders offering with the rest of the market to find the most suitable mortgage.

Important information

You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any
debt secured upon it.

A fee of up to 1% of the mortgage amount may be charged depending on individual circumstances. A typical fee is £495.


So, how does it all work?

A remortgage, or refinance, is when you take out a loan on a property on which you already have a mortgage. Quite simply, remortgaging replaces your existing mortgage with another, which can be done because your existing product is coming to the end of its’ term, because you want a cheaper rate, to change the terms of your loan or to borrow more money for things like home improvements.

  1. Your current mortgage product is coming to an end
    If your existing mortgage is coming to an end shortly, we strongly suggest you get in touch with our remortgage advisors at least 4 months before your existing mortgage product ends. This gives us enough time to review your circumstances, check what your existing lender is going to offer you to stay with them and compare this with what else is available elsewhere on the market.It’s important not to just automatically switch to a new mortgage product with your existing provider as unfortunately, some lenders work hard to entice you in first of all and then do not offer the very best rates to keep you at the end – crazy we know!

    This means you could be switching to a rate that is not only more expensive than you could have got elsewhere but also no longer suitable for you as your personal circumstances may well have changed.

  2. You want to borrow more
    When it comes to refinancing and remortgaging, many clients like you decide that this is the perfect time to try to raise some more funds to finally get that new kitchen or do up the bathroom you promised you would do soon after you moved in. If the value of your home has increased since you bought it and the loan decreased you may find you have enough equity in the property to borrow a little bit more than you now owe for this purpose.We can help work out if this is possible, affordable and indeed sensible to do at this stage.
  3. You want to change your mortgage terms
    Many people overlook one of the most important things when it comes to remortgaging; are the terms of your current mortgage still relevant to you? Staying with your existing lender often means just switching to a new rate without revisiting your affordability and circumstances. For example, it may be that you can now afford to shorten the term of your mortgage because your income has increased and the rates available are cheaper than when you first took out the loan.Doing this could have huge benefits, as it will get you closer to owning your home outright and may also result in saving hundreds or even thousands of pounds of interest.

If you are lucky enough to have savings this could also be achieved by taking out an offset mortgage that your existing lender may not even offer.

We strongly recommend you take some professional advice before you do anything and we are of course delighted to impart some pearls of wisdom to help you decide whether to remortgage.

The whole remortgage process need not be complicated, in fact we help to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 (with an added 4 and 5)

  1. Four to six months before your existing rate is due to expire, speak to one of our highly experienced remortgage advisors.
  2. You will receive a letter from your existing lender telling you what they can offer
  3. We compare this with what is available elsewhere, matching your needs and changes in your circumstances to ensure you are getting the most suitable product, loan amount, loan term and features
  4. Apply for the new mortgage through us, even if it is best to stick with your existing provider, and we will make sure the process is smooth, easy and you receive professional advice you can rely on
  5. You benefit from our Lifetime Promise and we will look after you every time you need to refinance or remortgage, making sure you never pay more than you have to

As our client, we promise to look after your mortgage needs with the highest level of care and attention you expect from a professional advisor, helping to educate you in a down-to-earth manner to make the right financial decisions. Each time you return to us you will receive our expert guidance and advice to ensure that no deadline is ever missed and you never pay a penny more than you absolutely need to.

We will keep in contact to update you on the status of your mortgage and always notify you well before your existing mortgage product is due to expire.

Latest remortgaging offers

We know you’re curious so we’ve picked out some of today’s best remortgage rates to give you an idea which lenders and interest rates could be available to you.

    Latest mortgage best buys

    Based on a mortgage of £300,000 and a property value of £600,000.

  • Initial rate
    Overall cost for
  • 0.51%
    then 4.35%
  • 0.99%
    then 3.74%
  • 1.09%
    then 5.19%

  • Narrow down the right mortgage for me

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Kamaldeep Virdi
Great support from Hannah and Hayley, from start to finish all our queries and deadlines were resolved swiftly. Would recommend them both anytime. Many thanks Kam and Jeevan.
Garima Agawral
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Garima Agawral
We reached out to Coreco to explore our mortgage options and David was with us every step of the way after that. He provided us with rational, expert advice and so much support. He and Zoei answered all of our many, many questions and more. For a first time buyer, you know that you don't have to worry about one big part of the process. Would highly recommend, thanks David and Zoei!
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Robert Glass
Jenny and Jan were great throughout the house buying process being a first time buyer they made everything straightforward. I had spoke to Jan multiple times before eventually buying somewhere and he was always happy to help with advice and guidance. They were both always on hand to help and made the whole thing seamless. I will definitely remortgage using Coreco and have already recommended a few of my friends and family.

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