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Coreco Walking Challenge

As September is Suicide Awareness Month, we wanted to challenge ourselves to do something to create awareness and also to actively help improve the mental health of our staff.

Taking part in exercise and getting outside is known to be great for our mental health and wellbeing and working from home has had many of us staying indoors a lot more than usual.  So, we decided to set up the Coreco Walking Challenge, to encourage as many of us as possible to get out and about so that we all take a break, get some fresh air and keep our minds and bodies healthy.

The virtual challenge had the aim of getting our staff to collectively walk 7 million steps, which would take us from one side of Europe to the other. We made it a competition using the world walking website to see who could walk the farthest and snap some great pictures along the way – overall it was an absolutely fantastic result.

Our winner was Tom Matthews, who walked a staggering 886,085 miles through September and October,  including the last day on which he walked an 18.5mile hike to ensure he took the top spot! Very well done Tom!

The whole event was such a success that we cannot wait to achieve an even higher goal this year! We are consistently looking at ways we can take an active role in reducing the stigma around mental ill-health and look after ourselves and each other. Watch out for more challenges for 2022!