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Working at Coreco – Hannah

We asked one of our Case Managers what it’s like to work at Coreco. Here is what she said….

How did you start out at Coreco?

I had decided that during lockdown last year I wanted to embark on a new career path and since I have a love for real estate and a passion for financial literacy, mortgage broking fit perfectly. Therefore, naturally, I really wanted to work within a brokerage. Since I had a few months’ work experience in client services under my belt I was keen to get a place on the team at Coreco. I was reallyyy persistent and eventually got an interview with Charlotte.

What does a day at Coreco look like?

Busy but buzzing with energy. Everyone at Coreco has real drive and gets stuck in with their jobs- it is relentless (but in a good way). I recently was promoted to a new role as a Case Manager and my responsibility has since increased dramatically, which I love! My days are essentially making sure every case of mine makes it through to completion in good timing, and that every client is happy – that’s the most important thing after all!

What do you enjoy about working at Coreco?

I feel appreciated as a member at Coreco, the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. There is a great amount of respect and understanding for work/ life balance, and mental health which is amazing.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I would love to have started mortgage broking in a years-time. With the experience of case managing I will have gained, and possibly some General Insurance sales, I’m hoping I will be ready to take the big leap to start selling mortgages! Further ambitions in the future are to become a partner in the business, or even manage a team.

What’s your top tip for someone who wants to be a Coreco team member?

You need to love what you do and have a WHY to motive you. There are times when this career can test your resilience, you need to have that push as to why you’re doing this. For me that’s to become a real estate investor in the future, becoming a broker is a hugely important step in that journey. Find your why, and if you think Coreco fits into your story – APPLY!