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Working at Coreco – Sam

How did you start out at Coreco?


I started out at Coreco with little to no experience in the mortgage industry in the Client Services team – now I am full of information and I’m the Client Services Team leader with the team still growing in knowledge, customer service and members!


What does a day at Coreco look like?

A Day at Coreco firstly looks like a hot cup of coffee as I’m not functioning without one in the morning – but its lively and buzzing with phone calls, friendly office banter and good vibes 😊


What do you enjoy about working at Coreco?


Mostly the people – I get along with everyone I work with and feel like I am respected. I do enjoy calling new clients and arranging the first steps into buying their first or new home.


Where do you see yourself this time next year?


Team Leader-ing but with more experience and more knowledge – and hopefully without a beer belly 😝


What’s your top tip for someone who wants to be a Coreco team member?


Be yourself and smile – guaranteed if you smile whilst you’re on the phone or speaking to a client you’ll do well!