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Creative storage solutions for your home


Picture this: you have finally moved into your first home and realised that it’s far from looking like the show home you had imagined.

Once you’ve moved in your trainer collection, an excessive amount of DVDs and that vase you made in a pottery class a decade ago, it is looking decidedly more cluttered than chic.

If throwing away all of your belongings is not an option then perhaps consider some of these ideas for de-cluttering your living space:

Corner Shelves

If your rooms are a little on the pokey side then corner shelves can be an ideal alternative. Why not consider a spot of D.I.Y and head to your local homeware store; it might be helpful to ensure you have the spirit level out or that vase could be a goner.


Bedding Storage

In an ideal world you would have an entire linen cupboard, but sometimes that’s just not feasible. If this is the case, a crafty way to save space can be to store your sheets inside your pillow cases. This way they are kept neat and tidy and are easy to access when the cat has left half of its hair on your pillows.


Shoe Shelves

If you have a nook you are not using, then it can always be used for that aforementioned trainer collection. You could either create a colour co-ordinated display or, if you are more ‘grab and run’ in the morning, you can hide the mess behind a curtain.

Office Space

For a workspace that won’t take up too much room, try using a wall-mounted shelf as a desk. Just be careful where you keep your coffee.

Room Divider

A shelving unit or cabinet can act as a useful and reasonably priced room divider while offering extra storage for those knick-knacks for which you have run out of window sill space.

Ceiling Storage

If in doubt, try using the ceiling! Though often forgotten, shelving and handy wire displays on your ceiling can be your best friend (if you’re tall). Perhaps hanging your bike up there is a little extreme, though…

There are all kinds of ways to make the most out of the space that you have. Though your flat may not quite be up to show home standards, it can look great without you having to give up your hoarder tendencies. I know that you are contemplating what you can hang from your ceiling right now.


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Andrew Montlake

Written by Andrew Montlake

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