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Father’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June and it’s time to show the father figure in your life how much you appreciate them. Here’s what the team at Coreco are buying their beloved dads…

Amazon Echo

Your Dad’s been working all day, he finally sits down in front of the telly, and then the penny drops. He has forgotten to turn the lights off upstairs. He’s not going to go all the way back up now! Well, his favourite child has the perfect solution… The Amazon Echo, also known as ‘Alexa’. Using voice control, you can monitor central heating, turn on/off lights, and even with some compatible devices, control your television. So, when your Dad has lost the TV remote for the thousandth time, there is no need to worry – ‘Alexa’ is here. The Amazon Echo can be found for £149.99 and a miniature version of this canny device, Amazon Echo Dot, is going for the cheaper price of £49.99. The only difference between the two is that the Amazon Echo is accompanied by a large speaker, which isn’t necessarily needed considering you can connect the dot to any Bluetooth speaker.

Smart Phone Projector

I think it’s a Dad’s self-adopted duty to be the photographer on holiday, and to then present back to the rest of the family all the wild adventures you got up to. Just having the printed pictures in person isn’t good enough, they need a showcase of their hard and dedicated work. That’s why the Smartphone projector is perfect this Father’s Day for £19.95. Small and portable, make any media you want into a big screen in the comfort of your living room. This product is compatible with most phones, including the iPhone 6 and 7. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with larger phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus. Using a reflective mirror, it reflects whatever is displaying on your phone and magnifies it by ten.

VR 4D Indoor Skydive

If your dad is an adrenaline seeker, consider getting him this amazing, once in a lifetime experience! Virgin are offering a great deal for a VR 4D Indoor Skydive at just £85! Like an average skydive, you are dressed in a head-to-toe suit and wearing goggles; the only exception is you are actually indoors and the goggles that you wear give you the illusion of being in the sky – displaying a 360-degree view of the sky as if you are actually falling out of a plane.

Stealth VR50 Mobile VR Headset

Sometimes it’s nice to get away and escape. The Stealth VR50 Mobile VR Headset is the perfect escape to a different location and into a virtual world. This product allows you to play interactive games, travel to various locations across the world, and endure some of the most extreme rollercoasters all from your sofa. At the reasonable price of £12.99, travelling across the world has never been so cheap! All you need to do is insert your mobile phone into the back of these goggles, download an app, and a 360-digital world has been created before your very eyes!

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