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    Financial wellbeing and why it is important

    Financial empowerment is crucial to employee contentment and staff retention

    More companies are recognising the importance of financial empowerment and financial education for their employees and are exploring ways to provide financial advice as an employee benefit.

    At Coreco, we understand that a lack of financial knowledge can be a source of anxiety and buying a home can be a stressful event, even if it is an exciting one.

    With this in mind, we have developed a range of tools and services to help empower employees to make better financial decisions by providing easy access to down-to-earth professionals to guide them through the world of personal finance.

    What we do

    Working closely with HR and Employee Benefits teams, we deliver a wide range of services for employees to enhance their knowledge and remove some of the stress out of the unknown. Put simply we…


    • Help people buy houses
    • Help people move home
    • Help people save money through remortgaging
    • Provide financial advice to support people buying their first home
    • Make the home buying process enjoyable!

    Fee free Mortgage Advice

    No cost, No work, No risk!

    This service is completely risk-free. Your company will not incur any costs and Coreco will do all the work for you.

    All you have to do is get in touch, sit back and let us do the rest. With over 25 years of experience, a 5-star Trustpilot rating and over 25 awards, you know you are in safe hands!

    Excellent Customer Service

    With a Coreco adviser by their side, your employees can relax and enjoy their mortgage journey with confidence.

    We deliver authentic, down-to-earth advice, stripping away all the jargon and taking the time to explain the entire mortgage and home-buying process from start to finish.

    We manage all the paperwork and deal with the lenders, estate agents, valuers, and solicitors on your employees’ behalf so they don’t have to. This gives them more time to concentrate on the day job!

    Tailored to your business

    We work with you to provide the best possible service that suits your individual needs.

    We offer free 1-2-1 mortgage appointments via phone, video call, or face-to-face with one of our friendly and experienced mortgage advisers.

    We can arrange presentations, Q&A’s, Lunch & Learn sessions and more! Contact us to find out how we could work together to support your employees.

    Have access to an experienced team of mortgage experts.

    Meet the team

    Your Journey starts here

    Experienced and Exceptional
    • Exceptional service and dedicated individual case management, backed by customer-centric technology
    • Over 25 years experience and a multi-award-winning professional mortgage brokerage, trusted commentators on TV, Radio and in the National Press
    Customer Focussed
    • With access to over 12,000 products from over 90 different lenders, we truly scour the market for our clients
    • Our testimonials show our clients love what we do as shown by our 5* Excellent Trustpilot rating

    Testimonials from our Corporate Partners

    International Bank

    We have been working with Coreco since 2010 to great success.

    Coreco have attended inhouse to hold seminars for staff and have had a successful attendance. During Covid, Coreco held online sessions.
    Coreco cover many topics around mortgages to help staff with their mortgage needs providing award winning advice and have submitted 1,683 mortgages for employees thus far.

    I would highly recommend Coreco to any company looking to enhance their services for their employees.

    International Entertainment Company

    We have partnered with Coreco for the last 7 years; they have secured mortgage offers for many employees during that time on all levels and circumstance.

    I would highly recommend them. They are professional, knowledgeable, fast and have truly amazing customer service.

    I particularly value their approachable and pragmatic delivery style which they apply during their mortgage awareness seminars.

    Global FinTech Company

    We have been working with Coreco since 2019, to great success. Andrew, Stuart and the team have delivered engaging presentations and 1:1 sessions, helping to cut through the jargon, demystifying the process and removing the fear element around mortgages, making mortgages more accessible and less daunting for our employees. The success is apparent from the extremely high levels of engagement we’ve seen, with 43 employees taking out mortgages (impressive given our total population is only 250)

    I would not hesitate to recommend Coreco as a partner for any company looking to enhance the financial wellbeing of their employees

    Coreco Academy

    Passionate about financial literacy

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