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Why should you buy houseplants for your home?


Your home is your sanctuary and with so much time now spent in your own safe haven, why not make it as efficient as it can be for your wellbeing? Plants are an excellent way to promote positive health. They’re not just nice to look at, they’re also excellent facilitators for improving the air quality in your home.

The Clean Air Study conducted by NASA in the late 80’s found that you should aim to have between 15-18 houseplants in your home. This is because they carry out photosynthesis; the process of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. In addition, NASA found they may also provide a natural way of removing pollutants from the air.

Below are five of our favourites that you might want to consider adding to your household.

Aloe Vera

First up is Aloe Vera, our very own superplant! As well as being a natural remedy for burns, aloe vera is a plant that emits oxygen at night time while simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide, a gas we produce naturally when breathing. Water heavily every two weeks and voilà, you’ve added some tropical flare to your home!

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant (Pilea Peperomioides) has been a popular choice of houseplant since the 1940s. Easily identified by its distinctive round leaves, the Chinese money plant helps clear air pollutants in your home. In addition, the plant is the subject of Chinese folklore that states if you plant a coin at the bottom of its pot, good fortune will favour your household!

Spider Plant

Now for something a little more resilient, the Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is the perfect oxygen boosting green-machine if you’re terrible at keeping plants alive. A great non-toxic choice if you have four legged furry friends around, the spider plant will pretty much take care of itself if watered once a week. Best situated in a bedroom, living room or office, it’s known to overcome toxins including carbon monoxide and xylene which is a solvent often used in printing.

Peace Lily

Fancy something a little prettier? Spathiphyllum, or Peace lily as it’s more commonly known, is a simple yet stunning house plant. It has rich, dark green leaves which perfectly complement its contrasting white flowers. Its health benefit? The Please lily flowers release moisture which can boost a room’s humidity by up to 5%. Dry noses will be a thing of the past.


Now for something with more colour – the classic Orchid. An instantly recognisable Asian flower, orchids are available in a range of beautiful colours. As well as their air improvement qualities, they’re also suggested to have a calming influence therefore reducing stress.

But don’t be fooled by an orchid that looks finished. When the orchid flowers finish and drop off, many people mistake it for the plant being dead. Instead the orchid is entering its resting phase will restore its energy ready for reblooming a year later. Woohoo!

What do you think? Have we tempted you to purchase a new houseplant? Feel free to @ us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know. If you also fancy turning your hand to some outdoor plants also, check out our low-maintenance garden design ideas for summer.




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Written by Andrew Montlake

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