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How to sleep better in a bedroom you designed


Interior designers say you should consider redesigning your bedroom every 3-4 years to keep up with the trends. You don’t, of course. A film critic will tell you that you have to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey but you don’t (it’s long and confusing, after all). But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever redesign your bedroom, and when you do you’re going to need to know how you want it to look before you start. Your bedroom is your sanctuary away from the world: it should be comfortable enough to help you unwind. Allow us, then, to offer you some design tips for your bedroom to get the most comfort and, hopefully, a better night’s sleep!

Know your theme

Whether it’s a case of just a lick of paint or a total refurbishment, one of the most important things you need to decide – even before you begin redesigning – is your theme. This includes colour, furniture and any pattern you have in mind. When choosing your colour theme, try to avoid anything too bright or stimulating that might hinder your ability to sleep.

If you have a theme sorted, make sure the furniture complements it too. Perhaps you’ve decided on an aqua theme with turquoise walls? White or cream furniture tends to complement it, or perhaps light green or brown. Make sure you know which colours work with others – a colour wheel can help you here.

Pick your floor

It might seem like an upheaval to replace the floor or remove the carpet, but if you’re completely redecorating, you should consider rethinking your floor design to make sure it fits with your new bedroom. We don’t recommend using cold flooring like ceramic tiles, marble or granite: there’s nothing less appealing when getting up than knowing your feet will be cold when they touch down! You might prefer laminated flooring, wood or carpet. However, if you already have cold flooring that you can’t change just yet, don’t worry, because a well-placed rug or carpet to set your foot on in the morning is even cosier.

Use the walls

Is your bedroom often untidy or cluttered? You might consider some new storage ideas because it can be difficult to properly relax when you have a messy room. If you have a small room, especially, storage options need to be more creative and efficient because each item of clutter takes up a larger portion of your bedroom real estate! One good way to keep organised is to get creative with how you store your accessories like necklaces, keys, bags and bracelets. Wall hooks can be a great way to keep them without having to take up valuable table (or floor) space, and will help avoid them getting tangled up. You could even get some frames and hook your accessories inside to turn them into a decoration/feature.

Ventilate your room

Your comfort level is perhaps more important in your bedroom than anywhere else in your house, since this is where you sleep. If you are too warm or cold, your sleep could be affected, which could even have an impact on your health. Think about how and where you could install a fan or exhaust fan to keep the air moving. A ceiling fan is particularly helpful, as it will move raised warm air around the room during winter, and keep the room cooler during the summer.

Take your time!

You might be looking forward to your new, redesigned bedroom, but don’t rush! Whether you’re taking apart the whole room or simply rearranging the furniture, it’s always worth taking the time to consider exactly how you’re going to do it. Not only will a plan make any blunders less likely (“oh, I’ve just put the bed together before I’ve taken the carpet out. Better take it apart again.”), it will also give you better perspective and even, potentially, some new design ideas. Perhaps there was something you hadn’t considered, such as how your new design will impact the lighting of the room, or hinder access to or view of the windows? Fools rush in, as they say, and fools always have the worst designed bedrooms.

Your bedroom should be one of the most relaxing and calming places in your house. However you design it, you should feel comfortable and at home in an ambience that is likely to help you fall asleep. That’s the most important function of a bedroom, after all.

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