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Man caves and she sheds


In her book, ‘Ten Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships’, author Laura Schlessinger explains the importance of privacy and your own personal space in relationships.

In a nutshell, a ‘space the other partner is aware of and respects without intrusion’.

We’ve all been there. You’ve returned home from a tough day at work expecting to watch The Great British Bake Off only to find your other half propped on the sofa watching Coronation Street. To avoid a potential argument, wouldn’t it be great to have a place to retreat, where you can indulge in your interests without treading on the toes of your significant other? Luckily for couples, these places exist!

The Man Cave

These spaces have traditionally been created by men and labelled ‘man caves’. They are typically a place in the home or garden where a man can escape and pursue his hobbies away from the rules of the home. In Gordon Thorburn’s book, ‘Men and Sheds’, he calls these often modest, wooden structures a “male necessity”. Adorned with football memorabilia, tools or other stereotypical man stuff, this area is one where men can invite the lads over for poker night, spill beer and engage in raucous banter without fear of inducing the wrath of their partners.

The She Shed

However, in more recent times, women have stated their claim to areas of the home and garden and aptly named their glam getaways ‘she sheds’! Whereas some women will most definitely pack their hideouts with beer fridges, deer heads and pork scratchings, most will utilise their space to read, nap, have friends round or as somewhere to get away from their partners and kids.

Property Value Consequences

While creating these spaces can be great for a harmonious relationship, what’s the deal when it comes to selling up? Do they add any value to your property, or is it a case of the opposite? According to an article in The Independent, a man cave could add a mere 1% value to your property when the time arrives to sell. While that’s an extra five thousand pounds on a £500K property, it’s not representative of a sound investment considering the cash you’ll likely spend creating it. For smarter spending on home additions with higher ROI, our blog will tell you exactly what can offer larger returns.

If you’ve got a garage space, whatever you do, don’t turn it into a permanent man cave or she shed. If the garage is the only potential area in the home, ensure any modifications are temporary and do not affect the structure of the garage as this could prove seriously detrimental to your property value. A majority of people are likely to favour the convenience of a garage opposed to the luxury of a man cave!

It’s also smart to be aware that these spaces may not be to every house hunter’s taste. Believe it or not, some couples do like to spend time together, ALL OF THE TIME! Well, sometimes just one-half of the couple but we shan’t get into that. It really does depend on the couple, their dynamic and how long they’ve been putting up with each other.

If you’re considering either a man cave or she shed on your property, it’s wise to ensure that any changes to your property’s appearance are minimal and can be easily removed when it’s time to sell. While they’re certainly a great place to entertain friends or somewhere to get away from it all, it’s likely potential homebuyers will not share your own personal preferences.

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Andrew Montlake

Written by Andrew Montlake

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