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Moving Home? Why not give your old stuff to charity?


Whenever you move house, you always find there are things that you must or should leave behind.

Moving gives you the opportunity to start afresh and reinvent your style in your new home.


Why not take this opportunity to do something for others and donate your old furniture to a local charity? It is less hassle than taking it all to the dump, and someone gets to give your furniture a second lease of life whilst raising money for charity at the same time. So, get out your house and drag your sofa down to your local charity store! (Don’t actually do that, it will do your back and reputation no good!)

If you don’t want the hassle of having to take the furniture to the store yourself, you can get a service to come to your house and collect it. The majority of them for free! Here is a couple that provide this: British Heart Foundation, Sue RyderHabitat for Humanity.


A lot of the time when you are moving, especially if you are buying your first home, you sort through your wardrobe, working out what to keep and what to get rid of. More than 250,000 people are currently homeless in Britain and by donating the clothes that are of no more use to you, it could be keeping many more people warm on the cold, gruelling streets of London.

Some of the charities that directly donate the clothes to charity are: Traid, Salvation Army, Merjet Foundation.

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