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5 Year Fixed Priced at 2 Year Rates! Atom Bank Start Price Disruption


Atom bank is offering customers the chance to lock into a 5 year fixed rate mortgage at the same rates as their current 2 year products, starting at just 1.29%.

This revolutionary move of aligning rates across short and longer term fixed rate mortgages will enable customers to fix one of their most significant monthly outgoings at a lower rate for longer.

For a limited time from Wednesday 12th April, all new mortgage customers will be able to apply for a 5 year mortgage at the 2 year rate, via one of the bank’s selected partners who offer independent mortgage advice of which Coreco is proud to be a part of.

Director of Retail Mortgages, Maria Harris, said, “This move is entirely unprecedented, but we know consumers have an appetite for it. The recent success of our disruptive savings pricing has taught us that.

“We remain fully committed to only providing mortgage products through intermediaries.  It’s important to us that a customer has received proper independent financial advice, ensuring they get the right mortgage – and that is not always just about the rate.  Our ultimate aim is to help people get what’s right for them, while having the best experience along the way, and our intermediary partners are crucial to helping us deliver this.”

Andrew Montlake, director at Coreco Mortgage brokers comments, “Talk of disruption in the mortgage industry has taken many forms, with digital banks such as Atom being at the forefront of this.

“However, this latest move, offering 5 year fixed rate products at 2 year fixed prices, has really turned the mortgage market on its head.

“A five year fixed rate available from just 1.29% at 60% Loan-to- Value and from 1.99% up to 90% Loan-To-Value shows that product price disruption could be a real game changer, enabling consumers to really benefit from this new breed of lender and points to exciting times ahead in the mortgage world.”

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