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Bob Crow – Bite Me


You can rely on football fans to eloquently say what everyone else is thinking, and as far as the tube strike is concerned last night was no exception. To most of us working hard and struggling on in the face of redundancies, cuts and pay freezes all over the place, this latest action is a smack in the face for all who live in London.


I know I am meant to write about mortgages and property, but looking round at people gamely walking, cycling and finding any means necessary to get into work shows London’s’ resilience, bombs did not stop us so tube strike pah, and why I love it so much.

Now, being politically inclined to the left, I respect people’s right to strike, but over something meaningful. Something worthwhile rather than obvious trouble making.

I think we should all give Mr Crow a taste of his own medicine and all go on strike with regards to him. No milk delivery, no mail, his bank should strike and not allow any money in or out. If he walks into a shop to purchase something the cashiers should strike whether it is bread, petrol or a new baseball cap and trainers. Even cabbies, who secretly may be enjoying the extra fares, but not the extra traffic, come on – solidarity brothers – he can walk.

Let’s make it difficult for him just as he is making it difficult for those of us who just want to do an honest day’s work to help beat this recession.

On the subject of recession, sorry rant over and back to what I should be writing about I guess, apparently it is over! According to a leading economic think tank, The National Institute of Economic and Social Research, official figures show that GDP actually grew again.

As ever the question is whether this is indeed the turning point and that this growth is sustainable, or whether it is just down to the fact that manufacturers have been living off their stock piles for a while that are now beginning to run out and hence need to be replaced. In which case there could be a further dip in due course once these are replenished.

Either way, it is another “good news” story for now, and more of these to come may well have the desired snowball effect on consumer sentiment and fertilise those famous green shoots.

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