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Critical Care


Next week I am jetting off to Houston, of all places, for a few days with a couple of mates, but not, unfortunately, for a well deserved holiday. It would seem that our other mate, there are 4 close friends from our school days, decided to have a serious heart attack at the age of 40. So why am I telling you this?

Well, firstly because I am a big believer in sharing things from a therapeutic point of view, and secondly, because it does bring home how many people do not have any cover should they be unfortunate enough to suffer such a thing.

In reality however, as he concentrates on getting himself off life support and we help his wife and 3 young kids move home, it is the effect these things have on the rest of the family that needs to be thought of most. Even a small amount of critical illness cover can make such a huge difference. A few quid on an income protection policy the difference between seeing things through or having to sell up or change the kids school.

Too many people it seems take their health for granted, and the old adage that you spend more insuring your personal possessions that can be replaced rather than your own person still rings true.

I am not trying to oversell or depress anyone. All I am saying is think about it, get it sorted, and get on with enjoying your lives.

Luckily Elliot is a strong cookie, and whilst every day is a challenge he is getting there. In the words of his fabulous wife Susie, “It’s all good”.

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