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Glastonbury Daze – Best of Both Worlds


Our very own MD Matt Lowndes emailed me an idea for my blog today which was so nicely written I thought I would just make him my guest writer for today. As my ears are still ringing from seeing the brilliant AC/DC last week, it gives me more recovery time, and keeps with the musical theme. Over to you Matt…

So I spent most of the past weekend wishing I was up to my knees in a field of mud in Somerset, yes Glastonbury was on and as ever I regretted not actually buying a ticket and making the trip. As they say you have to be in it to win it. But I did metaphorically pitch up a tent in my living room and kick back and relax.

Some truly awesome performances were delivered throughout the three days, but Sunday night produced two of the best with completely contrasting styles. We had a reunited Blur dishing out a raft of classic tracks like Parklife and the timeless To The End, whilst on the Other stage were old skool ravers The Prodigy. This was like the ’90’s all over again.

So why do I mention this in Monty’s Blog? Well, life is all about choice and to watch both performances live was impossible, yet in the comfort of my own home Sky+ came to the rescue and it allowed me to flick around, rewind and not miss a thing.

This got me thinking, why don’t we do the same with our mortgages, we could just mix and match, i.e. a sensibly thought through fixed rate that has no element of risk just like Blur, you know what you will get and it makes you feel good. On the other hand a more riskier proposition of a tracker rate that has an edge to it just like The Prodigy.

If you manage to combine the two you have the perfect solution.


It is a great point that Matt raises here, whilst many brokers just go for the easy option, with a little bit of creativity you can actually creat a product which suits your circumstances down to a tee. Enabling you to protect yourself against the full effects of a future rate rise whilst still enjoying lower payments now. Although Blur may say otherwise, there is always another way.

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