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Market update: Londres Calling


We have spoken previously about the fact that given all the issues in Europe, London is revelling in its “safe haven” status, but now the mainstream press has caught on. Amongst the latest was a large feature on “Paris-On-Thames” in the Sunday Times yesterday which noted that there are as many as 400,000 French citizens now in the UK, mostly in London.

This is expected to rise especially if the new president Msr. Hollande has his way and cranks up income tax for the wealthy to 75% !

So as the French continue to colonise streets like “Frog Alley” (Bute Street apparently), joining the Italians, Greeks and other nationalities, it is useful to know that they can still borrow to assist with their property purchases.

We have been experts in dealing with foreign nationals for a long time and are able to assist even when it seems complex. We have just completed on 100% funding for a European national using money held in an offshore bank account for security.

What is more, we even have advisers who speak the required lingo!

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