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It has been both pleasing and interesting to see the “return” of 1st Time Buyers to the market, with the Council of Mortgage Lenders stating that they have started to come back strongly, in a trend that is expected to continue. Buoyed by low rates and a number of Government incentive schemes such as Help to Buy, they have been joined by those looking to remortgage as the strongest parts of the market.

Allied to the growth in First Time Buyers however, is an interesting recent survey carried out by MyCreditMonitor has revealed that even though it is an invaluable tool for keeping on top of your credit score, more than half of Brits (54%) have never checked theirs.

For anyone looking for a mortgage this is invaluable and everyone should be checking their credit score before they put an offer in on a property if they hope to get a mortgage, especially as reportedly almost £1m people obtained a County Court Judgement last year.

According to the report, “Certain life-changing events will necessitate the need for self-investigation prior to a purchase and a poor credit score can dramatically impact the chances of securing the finance required.

“Of those who did check their credit scores (46%), around a quarter (24%) had done so because they were considering purchasing a car, and a third (33%) undertook a credit check before taking on a mortgage.”

Keeping on top of your credit report can make all the difference and stop issues like this occurring, especially as some of these are simple errors which take a while to get resolved.

There are lots of options out there to check your credit score and in a world where suppliers of services, most notably mobile phone providers, seem to be very quick at registering missed payments, defaults and CCJ’s, getting to grips with your ongoing Credit Score and how to improve it really does make a big difference.

Some of the options available to monitor your credit score include :-

1. MyCreditMonitor

2. Noddle

3. Experian

4. Equifax



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