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Podcasts, love letters and video calls: a guest blog by Ed Mead


Sitting down for the monthly podcast with the guys, ie Monty and Matt, there’s never ANY shortage of things to talk about. Our life experience may not be the same as others but the concerns, topics, thoughts and suggestions bear listening to, as feelings are often the same for everyone. There’s plenty of insecurity around to drive negativity and as commentators enmeshed and involved in property and finance the temptation is often to stick your thumb up and say everything’s great. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a glass is half full or empty you can always find evidence to support almost any point of view. But humans, well luckily only about 5% of them, are concerned with actual facts, normal people exist on feelings and their gut. So listening to people who actually live in the subject they are discussing can impart valuable ‘tells’ to listeners.

Listeners and readers are much better informed these days and can usually tell if they’re being sold to. The problem for many is that so much communication is done by email or mail. It’s no coincidence that love letters are prose as they necessarily involve a lot of imagination. When we do business with people or look for advice and guidance, we don’t want imagination yet emails will only communicate c. 7% of the message. 38% is via tone of voice and 55% via body language.

It does beg the question of when more people are going to make business calls via video, but in the meantime, the Coreco podcast – which is genuinely worth a listen – is going 45% of the way to giving you the full picture. Maybe we should try a Video podcast to squeeze every last drop out.

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