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Soliloquy of Silence


It’s hard sometimes to try and keep positive in the gloomy mist that pervades around us all at the present time. Cuts here, cuts there, headlines proclaiming the end of all things, whilst the bells ring out the death knell of many a decent company.

Everyone is looking inside themselves at the moment, staring hard into the cracked mirror and hoping to see a glimmer of hope and redemption.

I would love to be able to say, fear not, gentle knaves, for the light is close at hand, but alas, I think the light is some way off yet for the economy at large.

So what should we all do? Run to the hills and take cover, hiding in caves and shivering like petrified lambs?

I have never subscribed to that point of view.

Keep your heads held high, your name out there in the sunshine. Reputations take time to build, and need to be nurtured, not tossed aside when the waters rise. They can keep you afloat.

Let others lose their heads and throw rumours and accusations around. Speculate not on the state of other companies and people, concentrate fully on your own.

I will not comment on other companies misfortunes, so please do not ask.

I concentrate only on what is close to me. Our fine company and our wonderful employees. Our clients who need our advice now more than ever. The broker community at large that has only ever wanted to provide good, fair and professional advice.

The mortgage industry, the economy at large, and this fine Isle – bought to it’s knees by a combination of greed, poor decisions and egomaniacal leaders.

We shall overcome – eventually – and the new land will be green and pleasant with a cool prevailing south-westerly breeze.

Now then, has anyone seen my plot?

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