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The Next Debate, Independent Press and Property Bounce


It was a little sad today to see that many of the papers front pages had gone “Clegg bashing” in an attempt to derail his emergence as a key player.

With the 2nd leaders debate tonight it will be interesting to see how all 3 change tact in order to get the much needed “win” on the night.

However, as my esteemed colleague Rob Gill just pointed out, “British politicians do not try to win elections they wait for others to lose them”. In other words the level of scrutiny is so high now that trying to say nothing much at all is often better than saying something that can then be either pulled apart or lambasted as nonsense, whether taken in or out of context.

It is a big night for all of them, but tonight will be especially tough for Mr Clegg as now people will be looking for any possible chink and even if he does do well again and Cameron fails to perform, no doubt some of the press, especially on today’s evidence, will report the “result” in their own politically slanted way.

The question is, does this flagrantly obvious political bias affect people anymore? Could it actually cause a further backlash against the former main political parties? There is no doubt a thin line, especially if the tongue-in-cheek twitter conversations “#Nick Cleggs Fault” is anything to go by!

I hope that people will still vote on their own beliefs and on the policies presented.

Browns’ job is getting harder and harder, especially after today news that UK borrowing has hit a record £163.4 billion. That is a lot of 0’s! With the next lot of GDP figures out on Friday, there is much resting on them.

In the meantime there has, however, at least been a Spring bounce in property transactions, up 22% in March from February according to HM Revenue & Customs. This is up 24% on last year, but still 50% down on the same time in 2007.

What is more interesting is the reported rise from both Estate Agents & Surveyors, on the number of properties now being put on the market. So whilst the market is starting to pick up slightly expect prices to remain relatively flat for the remainder of the year.

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