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Weekly Mortgage Market Update 2


Coreco were in the Daily Mail last week talking about 2nd Charge loans, which have risen in prominence since the latest round of European Regulation made it necessary for advisers to consider them in any case where borrowers are looking to remortgage and raise additional cash to finance, well, anything from paying off debts to buying a holiday home or second property.

Whilst this may not seem especially relevant in the purchase market, it is pretty common for buyers of second properties or buy to lets in London use the equity in their existing property to help buy their next one.

Despite the Poll Wars raging at the moment as we enter the intense period before the European Referendum, the mortgage market still seems to be moving pretty nicely, with a whole host of new lenders poised to enter the market in the coming months and lenders ever keen to get business through the door.

New Build is an area of focus for many lenders at the moment, with some setting up whole new departments to service this area, complimented by bespoke products, extended offer periods and new criteria.

What is also evident is the rise and rise of the Specialist Lending market at present, with our own Specialist Department flying at the moment. Many larger landlords begin to merge into the specialist arena whether it be for large portfolios, residential development or purchasing commercial properties to achieve higher yields. Many more look at Bridging Finance to achieve a quick purchase, do up a property or just avoid a break in the chain.

With the rise in the amount of people looking at loans in Limited Company names as well, Coreco Specialist Finance are here to help.

Rate wise the mortgage market is if anything getting even cheaper with 2-year variable tracker rates from 1.29% (3.61% APRC), 2 year fixed rates at just 1.34% (3.64% APRC) and a 5-year fix from a mere 2.14% (3.53% APRC).

Buy to Let rates are now available from just 1.64% (5.10% APRC).

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