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Weekly Update: Class Is Permanent


After an imperious display from Italy’s Andrea Pirlo, proving the point that class is permanent, England’s Euro dream is over for another few years. At least we had a nice orderly Euro exit, rather than a stuffing from the Germans, which is something that a few Eurocrats should perhaps take note of!

The news last week was dominated by the fact that UK banks were amongst those that got downgraded by Moody’s, who lived up to their name and continued their pointless policy of taking action long after the horse had bolted, found a nice field to settle down in and had a little foal with the now heavily pregnant with their 2nd Mrs Horse!

The good news is that this should have very little effect on mortgage pricing as not only has this been expected for some time and already priced in, but together with the Governments new scheme to encourage lending plus the fact that rates on the money markets have reduced dramatically, should mean that we see cheaper rates in the coming weeks.

Of course this can all change again next week, but things look positive for now.

One thing that will not change of course is Coreco’s commitment to give the very best advice and service. After all, class really is permanent 🙂

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