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Welcome To The New Website – Your Journey Starts Here…


Welcome to the dawn. We are all delighted that the new website is finally here, yes I know it was meant to be ready a while ago, (my fault), but I hope you will agree that the wait was worth it.


Our main aim is to show that Coreco is not just a one off transactional company, but a place where every financial need can be catered for throughout a clients “journey” through life, however that journey develops, with Coreco touch points along the way whenever you need us.

Too many institutions in every walk of life become focused on the short-term, on the immediate transaction and the “Wham, Bam thank you M’am” approach. Our aim is to embrace technology and use it to deepen the Coreco experience, complimenting our face-to-face services rather than replacing them.

Of course the technological aspect is of key importance to us. We wanted an updated, fresh look and feel that is also mobile friendly, giving people the opportunity to view our information, listen to our podcasts and read our views on the go, wherever they may be.

The site is also being re-written over time to become more direct and educational with more relevant information, downloadable guides and other fun features, (your ideas are welcome!)

We hope to have a fully functioning, interactive forum for our clients where they can obtain a wide range of financial information in written, aural and soon-to-follow video formats.

Social media has an important roll to play for us moving forward, helping to ensure that the next generation of homebuyers are engaged and receive the right information and advice to start their own journeys, as well as providing more ways for our clients to communicate with us. So feel free to follow us on twitter, engage with us on Google + or support our Facebook pages.

This blog will become much more news-centric, with comments on the latest developments and brief headlines as well as the usual commentary pieces in our own irreverent and down-to-earth style. It would be great to share the link and encourage more to subscribe.

We are also proud to showcase the Coreco team. Every member has their own page which we hope project their own personalities as well as the Coreco team ethic. Check us out, we scrub up alright!

Our Community pages we hope will grow to show the support we aim to channel into local communities, helping to make a difference rather than funding faceless advertising campaigns. Whether this is sponsoring a kids football team to giving someone the break they deserve through our award-winning apprenticeship scheme.

Coreco Specialist Finance and our new Coreco Wealth arm are also important parts of the Coreco family, enabling us to focus our experience and expertise where our clients need it.

For a bit of fun follow our “Traditional Journey” from the home page or feel free to design your own that is more relevant to you.

We will of course continue to showcase our Client Testimonials and our National Press coverage – why not? We would rather others sing our praises while we concentrate on the hard work.

A special thanks goes to Dusted design and Graphical, two great companies who gave life to our vision and showed patience above and beyond the call of duty. Check them out, they really are quite cool.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far with Coreco, proud of the exceptional team we have in place, proud of our business partners and those who have helped us to get to where we are today, proud to be that little bit different.

But this is just another stage on the path of our own journey; come with us, it’s gonna be fun…

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