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Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

One of those guys you just cannot help but get on with, Anh joined Coreco in October 2012, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge having spent the last decade in financial services.

After graduating from Kings College London with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Anh decided to enter the financial services industry.

He trained at Alexander Hall starting as a fresh faced graduate and rose through the ranks to become an Associate Director. Having spent eight successful years at Alexander Hall, Anh felt the time was right to move on and take greater control when dealing with clients.

He accepted a partnership offer from Coreco and has not looked back since.

With a career spent based in Canary Wharf and the City of London, Anh specialises in dealing with client’s in the investment banking, corporate law, and IT consulting professions. He understands their income streams and has the mortgage industry contacts to ensure their needs are well catered for.

Anh is passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s to buy their dream home, or to develop a BTL portfolio to secure their future, he takes a keen interest and genuinely cares about his clients. The feedback from Anh’s client’s invariably point to three key attributes, knowledge, efficiency, and availability.

Outside work, Anh enjoys hiking, exploring and photographing the beautiful landscapes around the UK.