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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Specialist Lending

Welcome to the latest edition of The Mortgage Show Podcast.

Today we are looking at the Specialist side of the mortgage market which has gown substantially over the past few years or so.

To guide us through this important part of the market Monty is joined by two “lender legends”, Louisa Sedgwick, Director of Sales, Vida Homeloans and Adrian Maloney, Sales Director OSB, both of whom have contributed much to the sector and are well-known voices.

Together we discuss what exactly the Specialist market is and why it has grown so much, attracting the interest of some of the mainstream lenders.

We look at the influx of new lenders and competition in this area and whether rates are getting too low for lenders to effectively compete. Will this lead to more consolidation in the market and will technology have the same effect in this arena.

Product Transfers, FCA Competition Review and the popular feature, “What would you be doing if you were not in mortgages”? It’s worth sticking around for!

If you have any comments or questions in the meantime to put to either Monty or our guests you can contact Monty on Twitter @montysblog or @Coreco

Thanks for listening!