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Podcast Episode 1 – Mortgage rates, SDLT, BTL and London property

Host Andrew Montlake @montysblog is joined by Richard Campo @richardcampo, Head of Sales for Coreco to look at the latest mortgage news, including recent rate rises, service issues in the London market and the growth of Buy To Let.

Our special guests are Ed Mead @ed_mead, a director at the top London Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon. Ed is often found in the pages of the national press or on TV and radio telling us exactly how things really are in the London property market.

We also have Tracey Kellet @buyingagent, one of London’s’ top property finders, whose company BDI Homefinders helps with the un-enviable task of searching for that dream home, whilst helping to negotiate a dream price as well.

Both are on hand to provide a unique insight into the issues affecting the London property market and offer tips for those looking to buy in an entertaining debate.