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London Calling Podcast

Welcome to London Calling, our very own Property & Finance Podcast.

At Coreco we are always striving to communicate with our clients and introducers in original and informative ways.
London Calling has been produced in order to help guide you through and investigate the very latest in the world of mortgages, property and the general financial world.

Hopefully, once a month we will look at what is making the news and asking why it is, in a down-to-earth and hopefully entertaining way, without all the usual boring jargon. We will also be talking to some of the people who know most about the property and personal finance world.

This is of course a work in progress so we really would welcome any comments or requests for topics to cover in future episodes. Please feel free to contact us on twitter @coreco, or on email [email protected].

So enough introduction, welcome to the wonderful world of Property & Finance, this is London Calling.