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The Mortgage Show – Who are The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, (AMI)?

Mortgage Podcast, “The Mortgage Show” is back and is “home-produced” for the first time!

In this episode host Andrew Montlake (@montysblog) is joined by the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (@Official_AMI) in triplicate, who have come on to have a friendly chat about the Mortgage Industry, where we are at present, where we are going and what it is that AMI does for us all.

So it’s a very warm welcome to Chief Executive Robert Sinclair, Senior Policy Adviser Lucy Lewis and Senior Policy Adviser Stacy Reeve.

We get to see what they do day-to-day, talk about our friends at the FCA, and find out what is on their agenda in terms of the Cheapest Mortgage Rule and Mortgage Prisoners.

We also discuss diversity in the mortgage industry, broker panel removals, and a passionate debate around Claims Management Companies.

All this plus a fabulous message from Robert to all brokers at the end and much more besides.

For those interested in joining or finding out more about the excellent work AMI does, you can find them at .

If you would like more information about our Property & Mortgage Podcast series, have any questions, or would like to appear on the show in future episodes please contact us here.

You can reach Monty on Twitter @montysblog .