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Mortgage Podcast “The Mortgage Show” – Locked down with the lenders 2

Mortgage Podcast, “The Mortgage Show” is back for the second “lockdown with the lenders” edition with another informative and entertaining discussion on the mortgage and lending market.

This time Andrew “Monty” Montlake is joined by another two very well-known characters of the lender world; Director of Mortgage Distribution at Metro Bank (UK), Charlie Morley and Managing Director Mortgages at Vida Homeloans, and the first female Chairman of IMLA, (The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association), Louisa Sedgwick.

This time we cover a whole host of topics including how Challenger banks and non-bank lenders are facing the current pandemic, why some lenders are not lending at all and ask whether the FCA and Government are doing enough.

We look at the current underwriting regimes and the challenges posed, why does it feel harder to get applications through and why 90% LTV lending is stifled.

All this plus what IMLA has been doing, the relationship between brokers, lenders and consumers, what the rest of the year looks like, why broker share of the market could increase, a smattering of economics and find out what Charlie would be doing if not in the industry.

Fun, frolics and a whole host of important and interesting discussion points. What better way to spend half an hour!

If you would like more information about our Property & Mortgage Podcast series, have any questions, or would like to appear on the show in future episodes please contact us here.

You can reach Monty on Twitter @montysblog .