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Mortgage Podcast: The Mortgage Show – with guest Rob Jupp

Mortgage Podcast, “The Mortgage Show” is back in it’s “home-produced” version – so excuse the limited production values!

This time host Andrew Montlake (@montysblog) is joined by a legend of the Specialist Mortgage Market, two-time winner of Mortgage Personality of the Year, and Group CEO of Brightstar Financial & Sirius Finance, Rob Jupp.

In a very open discussion, they chat about mental health, the trials and tribulations of working from home, how the Specialist market has coped and is evolving as well as the relationships between lenders and mortgage brokers.

They also discuss the positives and negatives of Social Media, the role of regulators and Government, and are interrupted by a particularly squeaky chair!

Fun, frolics and a whole host of important and interesting discussion points. What better way to spend half an hour!

If you would like more information about our Mortgage Podcast series, have any questions, or would like to appear on the show in future episodes please contact us here.

You can reach Monty on Twitter @montysblog .