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Specialist Lending & Buy To Let – Coreco Mortgage & Property Podcast

This month host Andrew Montlake (@montysblog) takes a look at the Specialist and Buy To Let worlds which are often homes for some of the more weird and wonderful borrowing requirements that many of our clients have.

It is a space that has come alive again in recent months, certainly given the number of enquiries we have seen and is a sector that contains many myths and misunderstandings.

To help us make sense of the reality of this increasingly important area and understand what is happening on the ground we are lucky to have with us two very influential guests.

First we have the Sales & Marketing Director for One Savings Bank, home of brands such as Kent Reliance and Interbay, John Eastgate.
Alongside John we also have Coreco’s Director of our Specialist Finance division and AOPB Board member, Julian Ingall.

We will be discussing questions around a perceived lack on innovation in the market and why many lenders are letting down Professional Landlords.
We look in details at some of the Buy To Let and specialist products around, investigate issues around regulation and show listeners how the Specialist arena is working to meet the needs of borrowers where the mainstream market is coming up short.

If you have any questions you would like answered in future episodes please do not hesitate to contact us by dropping us an email to [email protected]