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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Let’s Talk About Tech…

The Mortgage Show Podcast is back to blow the lid off the mortgage market and look at what is really happening and who is doing what

In another “must-listen” episode we take a look at the latest developments in technology.

We have covered this before but such is the pace of change in this market, especially after the FCAs latest paper on competition, advice, execution only and consumer choice, we thought it important to see what the latest developments are.

And who better to help Monty (@montysblog) do this than the two tech-savvy guests on the sofa with him; James Tucker (@jamestucker27) MD of 27Tech, and Coreco’s very own tech evangelist himself, Matt Lowndes (@mattlowndes).

Together they look at where the tech revolution really stands, will it make a difference for brokers and consumers any time soon or are people just panicking and throwing around money in scenes reminiscent of the “dot com” boom?

We look at what consumers want, what makes a good customer journey and what the landscape will look like in 2 years time.

Of course, we also have the “What would you be doing if not this?” question.

Fun, fast and illuminating…

The Mortgage Show Podcast will be back soon and if you have any comments or want to appear on the show let us know! For more episodes click here or you can also find us on iTunes here. Don’t forget to rate us!