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The Mortgage Show – Meet the Journalists – Part 1

The Mortgage Show Podcast is back with a humdinger of an episode.

This week Monty is joined by three well-known industry and national journalists at the top of their game.

From the mortgage world Vicky Hartley, the Group editor mortgages, AE3 Media responsible for Mortgage Solutions, and Robyn Hall, Publishing Editor of Mortgage Introducer.

And representing the National Press, we have Sarah Davidson, Knowledge and Product editor at This is Money.

They open the door on the life of a journalist, what makes a good story, how you should and should not PR your business, how to get your voice heard and why one of them has 48,000 unopened emails? We ask is it all about “clickbate” these days and how do they get readers trust?

Join us for some great tips, interesting anecdotes and some controversy!

Watch out for The Mortgage Show Podcast – Meet the Journalists Part 2 coming soon.

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