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The Mortgage Show: Meet the Journalists – Part 2

The Mortgage Show Podcast is back for another cracking episode, labeled “a must-listen for everyone in the industry”.

Monty welcomes back three well-known industry and national journalists. From the mortgage world Vicky Hartley, the Group editor mortgages, AE3 Media responsible for Mortgage Solutions, and Robyn Hall, Publishing Editor of Mortgage Introducer.

And representing the National Press, we have Sarah Davidson, Knowledge and Product editor at This is Money.

This time we pose the question, what do journalists think of our industry? Are we getting our message out properly and do consumers understand what we do? We ask how we can promote ourselves more effectively and whether we are seen as trusted.

There is also an uncompromising look at the latest FCA Competition Report and an explosive discussion on Digital Brokers which is not to be missed…

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NB / since this recording it is fair to point out that the FCA has been accommodating to journalists around the Competition Review.