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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Guest Ben Thompson from Mortgage Advice Bureau

The Mortgage Show is back with very special guest Ben Thompson, Deputy CEO of Mortgage Advice Bureau.

In an open and revealing discussion, Monty asks Ben about what he has learned on his journey through the world of mortgages and technology, the L&G Mortgage club and the DA and AR worlds. What does a day in the life look like at Mortgage Advice Bureau and what is next for them?

They look at the industry as a whole, where we are now and how things are changing. Technology, regulation, changing customer behaviour, the value of advice, DA vs ARs and a little bit of politics all get a once over and we find out what Ben would be doing if not where he was now.

The Mortgage Show Podcast will be back soon and if you have any comments or want to appear on the show let us know! For more episodes click here or you can also find us on iTunes here. Don’t forget to rate us!