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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Large Mortgage Loans & High Net Worth

Welcome to the latest Mortgage Show Podcast – blowing off the lid on the mortgage and property market.

We have another interesting show in the can, one which I enjoyed immensely,  looking at the High Net Worth side of the mortgage market which has had an interesting time of late, seemingly dropping off in the wake of stamp duty changes and Brexit concerns, but starting to show more than a few green shoots once more.

What constitutes a large loan? How do people get large mortgages? What is the property market doing in this arena? These are all fundamental questions we attempt to answer.

Our special guest this week is another legend of the mortgage market, Peter Izard, (@PeterIzard ) who is Business Development Manager, Private Banking at Investec.

If you haven’t heard Peter wax lyrical before, and even if you have, it’s well worth a listen. Find out why Beyonce would want a mortgage, how High Net Worth individuals work and of course, our favorite question “what would you do if not in the mortgage market”.

A cracking good listen.